Round 7 Feature Match puts Thom Kalavris with X-Saber against Jeremy Struyf with Gladiator Beast. This is probably the worst possible matchup for Thom, could he overcome this matchup?

Thom won the diceroll and opted to start. He started with a set backrow and ended his turn.
Jeremy drew for his turn and played Heavy Storm, Heavy Storm destroyed Thom’s Torrential Tribute. Then Jeremy summoned Elemental Hero Prisma and showed Gladiator Beast Heraklinos, he send Laquari to the grave and ended without attacking. Then he set a backrow and ended.
Thom drew for his turn and set a backrow and ended. Jeremy drew and summoned Gladiator Beast Equeste, then he activated Prismas effect and showed Gladiator Beast Gyzarus and send Bestiari to the graveyard.
Then he attacked with Gladiator Beast Equeste and tagged it out for Darius, Special Summoning Bestiari and then Gyzarus. Thom chained Dust Tornado on the face-down Dimensional Prison of Jeremy.

Jeremy then set 2 backrow and ended his turn. Thom drew and activated Giant Trunade, then he summoned Boggart Knight, Special Summoned Darksoul and Faultroll and attacked to destroy Jeremy’s Monsters. Jeremy drew and ended. In the end Phase Thom activated Call of the Haunted on Boggart Knight and attacked,
Next Turn Jeremy set a backrow and ended. Thom attacked again with Boggart Knight right into Prison. Jeremy only set a backrow next turn. Thom summoned Airbellum next turn and Jeremy played Torrential to clear the field. Thom searched Fullhelmknight with Darksoul in the End Phase. Jeremy drew and set 2 backrow next turn.
Thom drew and summoned Fullhelmknight next turn and attacked. He then ended. Jeremy summoned Hoplomus next turn and then Special Summoned Test Tiger to return Hoplomus and get Darius. Darius got Gyzarus and Thom activated Book on Darius in the chain, not knowing Gyzarus would get his effect this way. Gyzarus destroyed Fullhelmknight and connected, Thom dropped Gorz in response and Gyzarus tags out into Murmillo and Hoplomus, destroying Gorz.
He then ended. Thom drew and had Rescue Cat, Airbellum and a 2400 Attack token. Thom summoned Airbellum which got hit by Bottomless Trap Hole, The token then attacked the face-down Darius. Jeremy drew and set a backrow. Thom drew and attacked right into the Waboku of Jeremy. Murmillo tagged out for Bestiari destroying his own Starlight Road. Thom set a monster and ended. Jeremy drew and made a Gyzarus destroying Rescue Cat and the Token, then connecting for game!

Jeremy wins the first game!

Thom decided to start the second game. He started with a set Bottomless and Darksoul and ended. Jeremy drew and summoned Murmillo, Murmillo attacked and destroyed Darksoul. Murmillo tagged out for Bestiari which Thom wanted to Bottomless, but Jeremy booked his Bestiari instead. He set a backrow and ended. Thom searched for Boggart Knight with his Darksoul. Next turn he summoned it and Special Summoned Airbellum. Then Faultroll came which got back Darksoul. Airbellum and Darksoul tuned for Hyunlei which destroyed Dimensional Prison. Thom attacked, then set a backrow and searched in the End Phase for Ragigura.
Jeremy drew and played Smashing Ground on Faultroll. Then he set a monster and a backrow and ended. Thom drew and summoned Ragigura to get faultroll back to his hand. He summoned Faultroll which got Airbellum back and attacked with Boggart Knight into a face-down Samnite. Then all other monsters of Thom attacked for game!

Thom fights back and makes a third game necessary!

Jeremy decided to start the third game and did so with summoning Laquari and setting 3 backrow. Thom drew and set Darksoul and also 3 backrow. Jeremy drew and got another Laquari from his deck which he Summoned. Thom responded with Bottomless Trap Hole. The other Laquari attacked Darksoul and when Thom tried to get his effect Jeremy chained Gladiator Beast War Chariot! Thom drew and ended next turn. Jeremy drew and summoned Gladiator Beast Equeste and then Test Tiger. He returned Equeste for Bestiari to destroy Mystical Space Typhoon which got chained to destroy Jeremy’s Bottomless Trap Hole. Next he played Heavy Storm to destroy the Book of Moon Thom had.
then he contact fused for Gyzarus and attacked to get Equeste and Laquari and getting back War Chariot. Thom drew and set a backrow and ended. Jeremy drew and attacked which his monsters before setting another backrow and ending. Thom drew and activated Dust Tornado on the Compulsory Jeremy had, Then he played Brain Control on Laquari and attacked Equeste, In the End Phase he scooped up his cards because he couldnt take another hit from Laquari!

Jeremy wins with 2-1 and moves on into the T16 with a 6-1 record.