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Voici quelques photos prises lors du Championnat de Belgique.

Feature match in video.

Feature match in video.

Feature match in video.

Round 7 Feature Match puts Thom Kalavris with X-Saber against Jeremy Struyf with Gladiator Beast. This is probably the worst possible matchup for Thom, could he overcome this matchup? Thom won the diceroll and opted to start. He started with a set backrow and ended his turn. Jeremy drew for his turn and played Heavy […]

The 6th round Feature Match puts down Batist Goossens with Infernity against Nathan Gilkinet with Frog OTK. This would be a hell of a fast round! Nathan won the dice roll and opted to go first. He started by discarding Flip Flop Frog to Special Summon Swap Frog and get Ronintoadin in the Graveyard. Then […]

Round five Feature Match puts the little asian Stilo Li with his Infernities agains Kevin Weyens with Frog Monarchs. Both players are 3-1 in the tournament now, a win would be great for both of them. Kevin won the dice roll and opted to start. He started with Thestalos, Caius, Tragoedia, Brain Control and 2 […]

Round four put Alex de Bie with his Gladiator Beast against his opponent Francisco with Machina/Gadget Francisco won the dice roll and decided to start the first game. He opened up by summoning Yellow Gadget, getting Green from his deck. Then he set Bottomless trap Hole and passed to Alex. Alex drew and summoned Gladiator […]

Voici les decks qui étaient représentés dans le top 16 lors de ce Championnat de Belgique 2010

Round three Feature Match puts Sebastien Gonzalez against Kenneth Jacobs. Both players are 2-0 right now in the tournament and the winner would have a strong shot at Top 16. Kenneth rolled a 6 while Sebastien rolled 4. Kenneth started the first duel. He drew his six cards and started with setting a Monster. Then […]