Round five Feature Match puts the little asian Stilo Li with his Infernities agains Kevin Weyens with Frog Monarchs.
Both players are 3-1 in the tournament now, a win would be great for both of them.

Kevin won the dice roll and opted to start.
He started with Thestalos, Caius, Tragoedia, Brain Control and 2 Enemy Controller. He set 1 of the Enemy Controllers and ended his turn.
Stilo started with a set monster and 2 magic or trap and ended. Kevin drew and ended getting his Enemy Controller hit by Dust Tornado. Stilo drew and passed. Kevin drew and played Soul Exchange on Stilo’s Infernity Beetle and tributed it for Caius which got hit by Torrential Tribute.
Kevin ended his turn shortly after. Stilo drew and played Foolish Burial on Infernity Archfiend and then set a magic/trap and ended his turn. Kevin drew and set his second Enemy Controller and ended.

Stilo drew and ended. Kevin drew and summoned Substitoad and tributed it to Special Summon Swap frog and get Treeborn Frog into the Graveyard. He then attacked with Swap Frog and ended. Stilo drew and flipped his Infernity Inferno, he discarded his Mirror Force to get Infernity Necromancer into the Graveyard. he then set 3 magic or trap and then played Infernity Launcher.
He tributed Launcher to try and get back Necromancer and Archfiend but Kevin played Crow on Archfiend!
Stilo activated the effect of Necromancer to summon Beetle from the Graveyard. Stilo tributed Beetle to summon two more from his deck and then attacked Swap Frog with his Beetle. Kevin let the attack through and Stilo attacked with his other Beetle. Kevin let the attack go through and Special Summoned Tragoedia with 1800 attack. Stilo ended shortly after.

Kevin drew another Substitoad and played Brain Control on Stilo’s Infernity Necromancer. He took the Necromancer and then played Enemy Controller to tribute it and take Infernity Beetle. He crashed the Beetles into each other and attacked directly with Tragoedia.
After Stilo took the damage he activated call of the Haunted to get Infernity Necromancer back from his Graveyard. Kevin summoned Substitoad in Main Phase 2 and activated its effect and walked straight into Infernity Barrier. He ended his turn.
Stilo drew and set his card to his backrow, then he got back Beetle with Necromancer and tuned them into Magical Android. He then activated a face-down Infernity Launcher to Necromancer and Beetle back and Special Summoned another Beetle with the effect of Necromancer.
Stilo attacked the Tragoedia with his Magical Andriod and attacked directly with Beetle, and Kevin dropped Gorz with a 1200 attack token. Stilo ended his turn. Kevin drew and got back his Treeborn Frog from his Graveyard which he Tributed for Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch. Thestalos attacked Inferntiy Necromancer, destroying it, Gorz attacked a Beetle and the Token destroyed another Beetle.

Kevin ended his turn with Gorz and Thestalos. Stilo drew and set a card to his backrow and ended his turn. Kevin drew another Thestalos and decided to get his Frog back from his Graveyard. He tributed it for another Thestalos and let Thestalos crash into Magical Android. Gorz and Thestalos attacked next and Stilo had to do Book of Moon to save himself. Next turn Stilo couldn’t draw anything of use and scooped up.

Kevin won the first game because of his maindecked D.D. Crows!

Stilo decided to start the second game. He started with setting 2 cards to his backrow and then setting a Monster. Kevin opened up with Substitoad, tributing it to get Swap Frog and getting Treeborn Frog into the Graveyard. Kevin set Swallow Flip and ended his turn. His Swallow Flip got destroyed by Dust Tornado in the End Phase. Stilo drew and set another card to his backrow, he flipped his Beetle and Normal Summoned Infernity Archfiend. He tuned them together to Goyo Guardian and attacked Swap Frog, he took it with the effect of Goyo Guardian. He then ended his turn.
Kevin drew and got back Treeborn Frog from his Graveyard. He then played Soul Exhcnage on Goyo Guardian and tributing it and his Treeborn Frog for Light And Darkness Dragon. He then ended.

Stilo drew and set a third and a fourth card to his backrow, ending shortly after. Kevin drew and attacked his Swap Frog with his Light and Darkness Dragon. On the following turns, Stilo just set a Monster and Light and Darkness Dragon destroyed it. Until Stilo summoned Infernity Necromancer and then activating Fissure and chaining Infernity Barrier to Light and Darkness Dragons effect. Kevin got back Swap Frog and got his second Treeborn Frog in the Graveyard. Stilo got back Inferntiy beetle with his Necromancer and tributed it to get 2 more from his deck. He then activated Infernity Launcher to
back Archfiend and Necromancer.

A few Special Summons later, Kevin dropped Battle Fader on the attacks of Stilo and Stilo tuned in Main Phase 2 for a Infernity Doom Dragon, destroying the Battle Fader. In the End Phase he gained 600 life points with his Magical Android. Stilo ended with 3 backrow, Doom Dragon, Andriod and Necromancer. Kevin drew and got back his Treeborn Frog. He activated Mystical Space Typhoon on the face-down Infernity Barrier of Stilo. Next he activated Soul Exchange on Infernity Necromancer, tributing it for Caius, but got hit by Pulling the rug.
Next Kevin Special Summoned his Swap Frog by discarding his in-hand Substitoad and getting something in the Graveyard, then he ended his turn.
Stilo drew, set his card to his backrow and activated Inferntiy Doom Dragons effect to destroy Swap Frog, then he ended his turn. Kevin drew for his turn and got back Ronintoadin from his Graveyard, then setting a backrow card and ended his turn. Stilo drew and set a monster and just attacked kevin’s Monsters. A few turns later, Kevin was scooping up his cards.

This match would go to a third and final duel!

Kevin decided to go first in the third Game. He started with Jinzo, Consecrated Light, Ronintoadin, enemy Controller, Caius and Light and Darkness dragon. He Summoned Consecrated Light, set enemy Controller and ended his turn. Stilo drew and played Heavy storm, then setting a monster. Kevin drew, tributed his Consecrated Light for Caius, removing Avenger and attacking. Then ending his turn. Stilo drew and activated Brain Control, tributing Caius for Vanity’s Fiend and attacking directly. This game was moving in a fast pace! Kevin drew and set Ronintoadin and Spiritual Water Art Aoi, then he ended.

Stilo drew and Kevin activated his Water Art, showing Necromancer, Launcher, Necromancer and Beetle. Stilo attacked next and ended his turn. On Kevins turn he activated Soul Exhcange and tributed for Jinzo. Then he ended. Stilo topdeck Fissure destroying the Jinzo then setting Necromancer. kevin drew and set a DD Crow and ended. Stilo drew and set a card to his backrow, then Summoning Beetle and tuning his Necromancer and Beetle for Magical Android. Android attacked the Crow and Stilo ended. Kevin drew another Light and Darkness Dragon and just ended his turn. Stilo drew and activated his Infernity Inferno to get 2 Archfiends into the Graveyard.
Next he summoned Necromancer, tried to get back his Archfiend which got Crow’d and Stilo moved to his End Phase, not attacking. Kevin drew Raiza the storm Monarch and that was it, Kevin had no plays thus Stilo taking the match.

Stilo moves on 4-1, only 1 win away from a possible Top 16.