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Round 7 Feature Match puts Thom Kalavris with X-Saber against Jeremy Struyf with Gladiator Beast. This is probably the worst possible matchup for Thom, could he overcome this matchup?

Thom won the diceroll and opted to start. He started with a set backrow and ended his turn.
Jeremy drew for his turn and played Heavy Storm, Heavy Storm destroyed Thom’s Torrential Tribute. Then Jeremy summoned Elemental Hero Prisma and showed Gladiator Beast Heraklinos, he send Laquari to the grave and ended without attacking. Then he set a backrow and ended.
Thom drew for his turn and set a backrow and ended. Jeremy drew and summoned Gladiator Beast Equeste, then he activated Prismas effect and showed Gladiator Beast Gyzarus and send Bestiari to the graveyard.
Then he attacked with Gladiator Beast Equeste and tagged it out for Darius, Special Summoning Bestiari and then Gyzarus. Thom chained Dust Tornado on the face-down Dimensional Prison of Jeremy.
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The 6th round Feature Match puts down Batist Goossens with Infernity against Nathan Gilkinet with Frog OTK.
This would be a hell of a fast round!

Nathan won the dice roll and opted to go first. He started by discarding Flip Flop Frog to Special Summon Swap Frog and get Ronintoadin in the Graveyard.
Then he summoned Substitoad and tributed Swap Frog for Beelze Frog, Des Frog, beelze Frog, Flip Frog, Treeborn Frog, treeborn Frog, Dupe Frog, Unifrog, Dupe Frog, Dupe Frog, Flip Flop Frog, Poison Draw Frog, Poison Draw Frog, Swap Frog to get a second Ronintoadin in the Graveyard, tributed it with Substitoad again for another Swap Frog to get Substitoad in the Graveyard, and repeated that last one again.
Next he activated Mass Driver and began to shoot all his frogs in the Graveyard for game.
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Round five Feature Match puts the little asian Stilo Li with his Infernities agains Kevin Weyens with Frog Monarchs.
Both players are 3-1 in the tournament now, a win would be great for both of them.

Kevin won the dice roll and opted to start.
He started with Thestalos, Caius, Tragoedia, Brain Control and 2 Enemy Controller. He set 1 of the Enemy Controllers and ended his turn.
Stilo started with a set monster and 2 magic or trap and ended. Kevin drew and ended getting his Enemy Controller hit by Dust Tornado. Stilo drew and passed. Kevin drew and played Soul Exchange on Stilo’s Infernity Beetle and tributed it for Caius which got hit by Torrential Tribute.
Kevin ended his turn shortly after. Stilo drew and played Foolish Burial on Infernity Archfiend and then set a magic/trap and ended his turn. Kevin drew and set his second Enemy Controller and ended.
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Round four put Alex de Bie with his Gladiator Beast against his opponent Francisco with Machina/Gadget
Francisco won the dice roll and decided to start the first game. He opened up by summoning Yellow Gadget, getting Green from his deck.
Then he set Bottomless trap Hole and passed to Alex.
Alex drew and summoned Gladiator beast Laquari which got hit by Bottomless trap Hole. He set 2 magic or trap and ended his turn.
Francisco summoned on his turn the Green Gadget he previously searched and got Red Gadget from his deck. He attacked with both Gadgets for 2600 LP, Then he set Royal Oppression to end his turn.
Alex was up again and activated Gladiator Proving Ground and searched his deck for Gladiator Beast Hoplomus. He set a Monster and another Magic or Trap and ended his turn.
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Round three Feature Match puts Sebastien Gonzalez against Kenneth Jacobs. Both players are 2-0 right now in the tournament and the winner would have a strong shot at Top 16.
Kenneth rolled a 6 while Sebastien rolled 4. Kenneth started the first duel.
He drew his six cards and started with setting a Monster. Then he set four Spells or Traps and ended his turn.

Sebastien drew his sixth card and opened by setting a Spell/Trap, then he ended.
Kenneth drew and summoned Blackwing – Bora the Spear which got hit by Torrential Tribute. Starlight Road was chained and Kenneth Special Summoned Stardust Dragon.
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