Round four put Alex de Bie with his Gladiator Beast against his opponent Francisco with Machina/Gadget
Francisco won the dice roll and decided to start the first game. He opened up by summoning Yellow Gadget, getting Green from his deck.
Then he set Bottomless trap Hole and passed to Alex.
Alex drew and summoned Gladiator beast Laquari which got hit by Bottomless trap Hole. He set 2 magic or trap and ended his turn.
Francisco summoned on his turn the Green Gadget he previously searched and got Red Gadget from his deck. He attacked with both Gadgets for 2600 LP, Then he set Royal Oppression to end his turn.
Alex was up again and activated Gladiator Proving Ground and searched his deck for Gladiator Beast Hoplomus. He set a Monster and another Magic or Trap and ended his turn.

Fancisco drew and discarded Machina Fortress and Red gadget to special Summon the Fortress from his Graveyard. He then attacked with Machina Fortress into the face-down Monster Alex had and it got removed by Dimensional Prison.
Alex drew for his turn and set a monster and a magic/trap. On Francisco’s turn he played Mystical Space Typhoon on the Waboku of Alex, which got chained.
He then summoned Green Gadget, getting Yellow from his deck and ended his turn. Alex was up and flipped Hoplomus face-up then he flipped Murmillo face-up and Murmillo attacked Green Gadget after turning it face-down with Book of Moon. Alex tried to tag out but got met by Royal Oppression.

On Francisco’s turn, he moved straight to his Battle Phase and attacked the Hoplomus. Alex played Book of Moon on his own Hoplomus. Francisco then set a mt and ended his turn. Alex drew and passed. Francisco drew and attacked with his Gadgets, then set a monster to end. Alex drew and set a backrow and then played Smashing Ground on a Gadget. He then flipped Ryko destroying Dimensional Prison, milling Machina Fortress. He summoned another gadget and got Green from his deck.
Then he declared an attack with all of his monsters putting Alex really low on life points. Alex was up again and set a backrow and summoned Rescue Cat, Rescue Cat then attacked Ryko and Ryko got turned face=down with Book of Moon, destroying Alex’ freshly set Bottomless Trap hole. Francisco drew and moved straight to his Battle Phase again, moving Alex’ life points to zero.

Francisco is 1-0.

Both players sidedecked and Alex chose to go first in the second Game.

Alex opened with Gladiator Proving Ground getting Hoplomus from his deck. He then set a monster and two magic or trap to end. Francisco played Mystical Space Typhoon on Alex’ Book of Moon and then summoned a Green Gadget, getting Red from his deck. He then set three backrow and ended his turn. In the End Phase, Alex’ Dust Tornado destroyed the Royal Oppression from Francisco.

On Alex turn he summoned Gladiator Beast Samnite, and Francisco cleared the field with Torrential Tribute, also destroying the face-down Hoplomus from Alex. Francisco summoned Red gadget, getting Yellow from his deck and attacked. He then set another backrow and ended his turn. Alex drew and summoned Gladiator Beast Retiari, then Special summoning Test Tiger, chaining his Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy the Starlight Road from Francisco. He tagged out for Bestiari and Francisco chained Bottomless Trap Hole on the effect of Bestiari. Alex chained Book of Moon to keep his Bestiari and turning it face-down, leaving him with no other cards left.
Francisco was up again and summoned a Gadget, attacking Bestiari with a Gadget and attacking directly with the other one. On Alex’ turn he set a magic or trap and ended. Francisco summoned a Gadget on his turn again and attacked with all of Gadgets to put Alex again on low life. Alex topdecked Gladiator Beast Equeste and summoned it to attack Yellow Gadget. Equeste tagged out for Darius, which got back Bestiari and fused for Gyzarus to destroy the other 2 gadgets. Then he ended his turn.

Francisco drew for his turn playing Charge of the Light Brigade, milling nothing of use and getting Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter from his deck. He then discarded Machina Fortress and a Gadget to Special Summon the Fortress from the Graveyard. Fortress attacked Gyzarus, destroying it. Francisco then ended his turn after setting a magic or trap and the Ryko the just got. Alex topdecked into Mirror Force, but it wasn’t of use as Ryko destroyed it next turn and Machina Fortress struck for game!

Francisco wins 2-0 with his Machina/Gadgets, still going undefeated in the tournament!